Charles County Republicans

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Welcome to the new Republican Campaign Headquarters for Charles Co

Located at 4459 Crain Hwy in White Plains (Next to Benny's Restaurant)

OFC (301)399-0115


More info to come...


7Liberal Myths Debunked 



Liberal media personalities and pages often make claims that appeal to emotion, but also contain a very small inkling of fact. Many of them appear to be true on the surface, but a little bit of source checking and scrutiny more often proves them to be patently false or extremely misleading.

Here are seven liberal claims that I commonly encounter on the internet.

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Welcome to Charles County
The highest taxed county in the state of Maryland

Do you feel you are receiving a better quality of county services for the historically high taxes that you currently pay?

Tax Info by county

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Mark Crawford (behind the lens) with Mike Turner and Tom Desabla shared ideas with our friends at the College of Southern Maryland today from 1pm until 5pm.

Posts with information on political candidates are for your information and are not intended to be an endorsement by the Republican Central Committee of Charles County unless specifically noted.

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